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For one, low, annual fee, Metroplex AC & Heating will provide you with full service and repair of your air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and most major appliances, regardless of the make or model. All repairs are made by radio dispatched, certified technicians and their work is completely guaranteed. Just think, for about the price of one service call, you can have a peace of mind and potentially save hundreds of dollars every year. So what are you waiting for? Metroplex AC & Heating will even customize a plan to fit your specific needs.

Membership Benefits

Here's what you get as a Metroplex AC & Heating Club member.

Seasonal Maintenance: Included at no additional charge (when

done during scheduled times) Tune-ups save you money. As an

added bonus we will also check your plumbing once a year.

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Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans extend the life of your equipment, keep them running at peak performance and this keeps your energy bills down. Catching faulty parts before Manufacture's warranty expires will save you big money. It is recommended that your heating and air conditioning equipment be serviced twice a year, once in heating season and once in cooling season. Winter preseason inspection should be done before first start-up of your furnace for the heating season and summer preseason inspection should be done before usage of your air conditioner in warm season. This maintenance service will help you avoid costly repairs in future. Senior Citizens discount of 15% applies to all maintenance plans.

Preseason Winter

Carbon Monoxide inspection

Complete Furnace inspection

Pilot and Burner Flame adjustment

Gas Fumes Exhaust inspection

Complete Air Handler inspection

Blower Wheel inspection

Blower Motor Belt inspection

Electrical Connections check

Thermostat check

Preseason Summer

Condenser Coil cleaning

Complete Condenser inspection

Complete Air Handler inspection

Electrical Connections check

Suction Line Insulation inspection

Air Handler air leakage inspection

Refrigerant charge check

Condensate Drain check

Thermostat check

*Does not include refrigerant leak searches

Maintenance Plans Include

1 year plans include 3 visits per year to insure proper heating and cooling  all year long

1 visit in  Summer, 1 in Spring, 1 in Winter

With a maintenance plan you will receive 15% savings on any of our services for the 1 year contract term.

1 system 1 year plan $160.00

2 system 1 year plan $240.00

3 system 1 year plan $330.00

4 system 1 year plan $400.00

6 month plans include one visit per 6 month period either for heating or cooling.

You also receive the 15% savings on any of our services for the 6 month contract term.

1 system 6 month plan $90.00

2 system 6 month plan $140.00

3 system 6 month plan $180.00

4 system 6 month plan $220.00

Contact us today to schedule your maintenance $160.00 Per Year Price starting at: